You want a good life for everyone:

yourself, your family, your friends, your world. You want rCredits: funding decisions by caring communities for the common good.


A local credit/debit rCard® with no fees for buyers or sellers. A complete alternative banking system for the common good. More


Incentive rewards and zero-interest funding for everyone: for you, local businesses, and the community. More

Community Control

Decide together what's best for you and your community, with money to fund it, using an innovative participatory decision process. More

rCredits have the potential to fundamentally change the roots of our local economy, building a new economic system, one where we control the money. Thoreau said 'For every thousand hacking at the leaves of evil there is one striking at the root.' I believe rCredits is making a strike for the root.

Workers at Real Pickles, an rCredits business in Greenfield, MA, get paid partly in rCredits.

Imagine Abundance

Imagine your community has plenty of money.

Together you might choose to fund sustainable agriculture and energy systems for local self-reliance. You might choose to ensure that everyone has healthy food, a home, healthcare, satisfying work, and a beautiful environment.

We call this vision a Common Good Economy.

At first glance, the rCredits system looks like a simple payment system. You put US Dollars into your rCredits account and spend them using your rCard.

Then come the incentive rewards ("rCredits") — electronic community credits issued to you whenever you buy or sell something through the rCredits system. You get $20r for signing up and a 10% reward on whatever you buy or sell (decreasing gradually). Spend these rewards at any participating business.

This hybrid system gives us tomorrow's economy today — a human- and planet-friendly community-controlled economy, transforming our dysfunctional global economy to create a society that benefits everyone.

The rCredits concept evolved over the course of a decade and has been thoroughly tested for over two years in Greenfield, Massachusetts. In April 2015, Ann Arbor, Michigan became the second rCredits community.

Over time, a growing network of rCredits communities may collaborate for community-centered democratic control of our common destiny.

You can help make it happen, by signing up and inviting your friends to join you. All it takes to launch an rCredits community is a few dozen members and a few food-related businesses such as grocers, restaurants, and farms. It could start with you.

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The Peaceable Kingdom — by Gail Boyajian (used with permission)